When we first herd about this game we thought o no not another remake but knowing it was by Finger Arts we knew it would be great. Going in with high expectasions after there previous success in the app store, we were pleased and enjoyed every moment of this review.. well except for when we lost on a easy question ūüė¶

So what is so great about this game?

Where would you like me to start the fact it supports OpenFeint with a great achivement system or the very simple layout.


Saddly OpenFeint is still not known by the masses but when you have the chance to show off who would turn it down. So basicly OpenFeint is like XBL or PSN in the way you can add your friends, chat and earn achievments when you do something great on a game. Hangman offers loads of them to work for but it isn’t all about the achievments it more about Finger Arts awesome feature in this game.

Online or Offline

This game is playable both off and online so all you iPod users without mobile Internet don’t worry. The only time you need to go online is update ingame feeds .

Updating feeds?

Yes! This game will never be out of date because Finger Arts found a great way to update it’s content this is simply because all the questions are based on the news, what a great idea.


The gameplay is what you would expect from a hangman game with extra useful features you will love such as the little cheat button to help incase your stuck. The differculty chooser so no longer can you friend give you impossible words to solve. Our personal fravorite feature is the achivments we spoke about early.

Easy to play?

Well the whole UI is very well done nice and simple plus a very nice colour scheme to accompany the easy of use.

Found an interesting article

Once you have won or lost at the article you wish to read simple click dig then you can see an overview of the article or tap it and you will view the full webpage framed. Very nice touch.

A quick recap

Updates auto when online, earn achievments, simple UI, nice colours.

This is possibly the best classic game with a unique twist, very nice work once again from the guys at FingerArts.

A Word from the Developers about updates and new features to come

We have no word on this yet.


Screen Shots

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